Prevent subscribers from sharing their account with one or more people.

For too long, we didn't monitor subscribers' account sharing and some of them were taking advantage of it, even though it wasn't allowed.

You can adopt two different strategies with Capping.

Reading mode

Reading mode

Detects simultaneous reading by a subscriber on multiple devices, and hinders browsing by displaying a popin to the oldest sessions. The criterion chosen is based on simultaneous reading. A simultaneous reading is detected when two (or more) different devices view content pages at the same time with the same account.

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Device mode (beta)

Device mode

Allows a defined number of devices, and blocks the others.

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Copy Paster Observer

Capping can help you find out how your users are using copy/paste. If you want to prevent subscribers from sharing their account, you'll probably want to prevent your subscribers from copying your content and sharing it with their friend. Wouldn't you?

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